Color - $3.99/pk
Color - $4.59/pk
Color - $3.59/pk
Fat Fish Tackle
Frog w/Blk Flk
Mudpuppy w/Blk Flk
Frog w/Blk Flk
If you are familiar with the "Sleech"
Then this is the one to order for one
similar. Special formulation of Salt
and Scent make this a real fish getter.

To see more specs and color chart
If you want a real good early
season smallmouth bait this is it!
Similar to the "Baby Sleech"
this will really work.
We have a special formula for
scenting and salting these
incredible baits.
To see more specs and colors
This is a 3" wormlike body with a
leech tail. Great finesse bait for
clear water and drop Shottin'.

Available in all the same colors
as the other sleeches - Click Here
"New" Color Watermelon Frog