Fat Fish Tackle
Fly Packages
Alaska Freshwater Flies

This package has all of the
popular flies for Alaskan
Rivers, Streams & Lakes.
Scott Christensen has
personally selected these
flies. 25 Flies

Only $54.95 W/Box US
Bonefish Fly Set

These are all hand tied and
selected by Scott Christensen.
Scott Spends 5 Months a year
in the flats of the Bahamas and
these are the flies he uses.
Set of 25 with Box.

Only $59.95 US
Coho/Searun Cutthroat Set

Scott Christensen spends the
other 7 months of the year in
Alaska, Canada and NW
Washington, This is his selection
of best Coho Flies.
12 fly set with box... SS Hooks

Only $29.95 US
Northwest Trout Fly Set

These select trout flies are the
"have to have" flies for the
Pacific Northwest and Canada
Set of 24 Flies w/Box

Only $34.95 US